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The Way Closings Should Work: Innovative Software Eases the Real Estate Process

An often overlooked consequence of hurricanes in Florida is their effect upon residential and commercial real estate sales. As soon as a hurricane’s approach is announced, real estate closings are usually delayed until after the storm has passed and weather conditions have improved. That delay may lead prospective buyers to change their minds and decide Read More

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Florida Plaintiffs Join Talcum Powder Lawsuits

What was once thought to be a safe product for women and babies has become the focus of litigation nationwide. Many plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson (J&J), alleging the company’s Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products caused ovarian cancer. Plaintiffs claim that regular use of these talc-based products for feminine hygiene Read More

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Pinellas County Foreclosures Could Lead to Damaging Errors on Credit Reports

Many Tampa Bay–area homeowners are still suffering from the 2012 housing market crash. In 2013 in Pinellas County alone, 70,000 homeowners received foreclosure notices, marking the beginning for many of them of an arduous battle with banks and mortgage companies and a fight to repair their credit. A majority of those facing foreclosure had failed Read More

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Permitting and Zoning Ordinances Are Irrelevant in a Premises Liability Case

When a private establishment causes a dangerous condition on a sidewalk or other public property, it can be tricky determining how liability should be apportioned. In a recent case, the Florida Third District Court of Appeal addressed the question of whether Miami-Dade County could be held liable for a fall that occurred when grease from Read More

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Florida Jury Awards $45 Million for Fatal Auto Accident

The grieving parents of a Domenica medical school student killed in a 2015 Pembroke Pines crash were recently awarded $45 million in damages by jurors at the conclusion of a three-week-long trial in October 2017. Jonathan Astaphan, 29, had been driving a Mitsubishi Lancer through Section C of the I-75 express lane, an area that Read More

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Florida Motels Sued by Attorney General for Price Gouging During Hurricane Matthew

In 2016, during Hurricane Matthew’s destructive path through Florida, Governor Rick Scott issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency. That meant more than 1.5 million coastal residents were required to evacuate, with many seeking refuge in motels. But, as is often the case in disasters, some of these motels decided to profit from Read More

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Why Real Estate Investors Need to Have a Lawyer

Many properties throughout Florida’s metro areas are still in recovery from price drops that followed the recent housing bust. Steep price declines are being reported for properties in several areas including Orlando, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Naples. While some experts are predicting a further drop in the market prices, some optimistic real estate investors are Read More

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Why You Don’t Want Your Tampa Bay–Area Realtor to Pick Your Title Company

Selling a home in Florida can be a lengthy and sometimes complicated process. Numerous detailed steps and a variety of documents are necessary to ensure a successful sale. Sellers are generally required to prepare their properties for a buyer, which may include unexpected last-minute repairs before placing the house on the market. Before a seller Read More

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Out-of-State Businesses Relocating to Tampa Are Best Represented by a Local Legal Firm

Expanding a business or a corporate franchise previously situated outside of Florida into the booming Tampa area requires an experienced local agent and legal representative who can act on behalf of the business’s local interests. Construction companies, insurance companies, and medical/pharmaceutical companies operating in multiple states are examples of businesses that can benefit from local Read More

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Before You Purchase a Lot for a Luxury Home in Pinellas County, Know Your Property Boundaries

Troubling and disruptive boundary disputes can be avoided or resolved by having a thorough land survey conducted before purchasing a property in Florida. A professional land surveyor can use GPS tracking to accurately identify a property’s boundary lines and determine any issues that buyers should be aware of. It’s also important to get a survey Read More

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