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How do I receive payment in a mass tort case?

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2023 | Mass Torts

You may join a mass tort lawsuit if you have been injured by a product that has injured many other people as well. A mass tort lawsuit often makes more sense when it saves time and money to file one lawsuit on behalf of everyone who was injured instead of everyone filing their own lawsuit.

Joining a mass tort lawsuit

Sometimes the way you become part of a mass tort lawsuit by finding other people who have experienced a similar injury and asking if they want to become part of the lawsuit. Other times, you may be notified about a pending mass tort lawsuit and asked if you want to join.

Once you are part of the mass tort lawsuit, you should receive regular updates on the case status. However, what happens if you win? Since you are not the only plaintiff, you may naturally wonder how payment will be distributed.

In an individual lawsuit, you would receive the total amount of damages awarded. However, in a mass tort lawsuit, the total damages are typically divided up among you and the other plaintiffs.

Plan of distribution

This is done through a plan of distribution. This means that each plaintiff either receives a specific amount or a percentage of the total amount, minus any costs and attorney fees.

Not all mass tort cases make it into court and are decided by a judge. Some mass tort cases are settled, meaning that an agreement is reached between the parties. In those cases, the settlement agreement is presented to the judge who decides if it is fair to everyone involved.

Mass tort lawsuits can be complicated, as they often involve parties and attorneys outside of Florida. You are likely to have many questions throughout the process, including questions about your expected compensation. It is best to work with a professional who can fight for your rights and answer your questions along the way.