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Can boundary line disputes disrupt property purchases?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Real Estate Contract Disputes

Purchasing property can be simple or complex, depending on the information and paperwork related to the transaction. Some issues can be easy to resolve, requiring minimal work before proceeding with the sale. However, other problems can be challenging to overlook, becoming dealbreakers if they need too much money and effort to address. These major issues can include boundary line disputes, often causing conflict between property owners and neighbors.

When are boundary line disputes a big deal?

Boundary line issues could happen if a neighbor built a structure beyond their land’s property line. Whether the neighbor had permission to do so or not, this information should be in the disclosure provided by the seller or the real estate agent.

In some cases, buyers may consider them minor issues, taking minimal measures to address them. Other times, these problems can lead to severe disputes, significantly if the structure blocks main entry and exit ways. These details can pose safety concerns and impact the daily lives of future owners.

The appropriate way to manage these boundary-line problems can vary, escalating on a case-to-case basis. Some buyers are happy to receive reasonable explanations, while others can pass on the property and look for other options.

Knowing when to seek legal assistance

Ideally, speaking and collaborating with the involved neighbor could address and resolve the issue with little trouble. Still, these interactions concerning boundary lines tend to escalate and cause severe conflicts, even fights that may turn violent.

When discussing with the neighbor does not yield any progress, seeking legal counsel can help determine remedies that fit the situation. Additionally, doing so can help gauge if the property is worth the time, effort and money needed to resolve its issues.