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Your Rights During A Real Estate Contract Dispute

In the world of real estate law, contracts are incredibly important. They often represent the details of a transaction in which you have a good deal invested. In addition, real estate has a unique take on contract law that is less forgiving than contracts in other legal areas. When disputes arise over a purchase agreement or other real estate contract, you need a lawyer who understands this area of law and can fight for your interests.

The attorneys at Frank Charles Miranda Trial Attorneys have decades of combined legal experience, and as trial attorneys, they understand how to defend your rights in breach of contract litigation. Our team fights to win in every case. We represent real estate clients in the Tampa area and throughout Florida.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Sale Contract?

Many real estate disputes start with the purchase agreement, also known as the sale contract. Buyers and sellers often go back and forth in negotiation of these agreements before settling on a final contract. Once that contract is signed, however, it is binding on both parties. Areas that tend to cause problems include:

  • Disclosures – Sellers must disclose certain items to the buyer.
  • Title problems – The seller has a responsibility to offer clear title in the sale.
  • Earnest money terms – Both sides need to understand how much earnest money is offered, who will hold the money and under what conditions the buyer could be refunded.
  • Conditions on the sale – Sometimes the sale is conditional on a future action, such as the sale of the buyer’s current home or inspection results. Conflict can arise regarding those actions.
  • Repairs – If an inspection reveals the need for a repair, the parties may disagree about whether the repair is done correctly.

We will carefully review your purchase agreement and all related sale documents to make sure you understand the terms and conditions and give you a straightforward assessment of your legal dispute.

Other Contract Disputes Involving Real Estate

We assist clients with a variety of other real estate contract disputes, as well. These may include:

  • Easement agreements – Disputes can arise between neighbors with an easement agreement regarding whether one party is violating the terms.
  • Home defects – After the closing, a buyer may accuse the seller of hiding or failing to disclose a defect in the house.
  • Mechanic’s liens – If you have work done on your house, the contractor could put a lien against the property for nonpayment.
  • Disagreement with real estate agent – If you have a conflict with your realtor, you may want to either end your contract or sue them for a variety of reasons.

These are just a few examples of areas where parties to real estate contracts may conflict. Anytime a breach of contract affects your legal property interest, we can help. We will thoroughly review your contract and give you an honest assessment of your options to move forward and resolve the dispute.

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