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What makes a breach of contract valid in Florida?

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2023 | Business Law, Civil Litigation

Running a business can involve contracts between parties for varying purposes, such as hiring employees, acquiring suppliers and establishing partnerships. These documents typically have conditions that hold parties legally bound to their end of the agreement. If they fail to accomplish or deliver these terms, it becomes a breach of contract.

However, not all breaches are valid, potentially impacting the affected party’s ability to take legal action. When a breach of contract happens, you can gauge its validity by checking if it meets the following conditions:

  • There is an existing valid agreement or contract
  • One party violated the agreement’s terms, leading to the breach
  • The other party or parties suffered damages from the breach

The damages caused by the breach can vary, potentially affecting how valid it can be. Some situations might require material losses to support the breach’s validity. Other times, you can take the issue to court and recover damages for a partial breach if there are no material damages. The process and outcome can significantly depend on the circumstances, contract and the breach’s details.

Knowing how to approach contract issues

When a breach of contract happens, it could be easy to determine what to do next. However, other contract issues can be more challenging, especially if you lack the legal expertise to navigate the situation. Fortunately, there can be many options to resolve contract breaches, disputes and other problems. But, you can only begin sorting them out by seeking legal counsel. Involving an attorney can also be beneficial while drafting the agreement. Doing so could ensure your contract functions effectively to protect all parties and provide direction when issues arise.