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Fallen in love with a vintage home? Inspect before you buy

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Real Estate Contract Disputes

Old homes radiate a unique charm that a newly built house cannot replicate. If a particular vintage home has caught your eye, perhaps you have already noticed its quirks. However, there could be far more serious deal-breakers beneath its exterior.

As you prepare to purchase your dream home, bringing in professionals will be essential to help minimize any unwelcome surprises that might emerge after the sale.

The crucial role of home inspections

Do not allow a romantic vision to cloud your judgment. Your future home could have outdated wiring, a roof with impending leaks or a shaky foundation. A thorough home inspection can help unearth these hidden problems and protect you from hazards and costly fixes.

When dealing with vintage abodes, consider tapping specialists who understand their challenges, such as:

  • Specialized home inspector: Older homes may not meet current standards. An experienced home inspector may accurately identify problem areas specific to vintage structures.
  • Structural engineer: Structures can shift over time, possibly affecting their stability and safety. A professional evaluation can reveal such risks.
  • Electrician: Outdated wiring and the demands of modern appliances can pose hazards. Consider having an electrical inspection to check for wiring and any needed upgrades.
  • Roofer: Florida’s climate can shorten the lifespan of roofs. An inspection may uncover damages that may otherwise lead to serious leaks.
  • Pest control: Older homes could have openings that invite mice, termites and other pests. A professional can spot signs of infestation and recommend solutions.

After inspections, reviewing the findings yourself may allow you to fully grasp the extent of any issues. Including a contingency clause in your real estate contract may reassure you that the property owner will address them before closing the sale.

Finding help to deal with potential closing issues

In Florida, sellers must disclose any facts that may impact the value of the property. However, there are times when sellers withhold information, fearing it would hurt the sale.

If you encounter undisclosed defects or problems while closing, consider speaking to a real estate attorney for clear, actionable advice. Although making a vintage home your own does come with risks, a detailed home inspection and legal guidance may provide you with the peace of mind you need.