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Real estate attorneys offer title insurance advice and counsel to clients in the area. Whether you own commercial real estate or residential, you need to make sure your property has protection against any potential claims. You also want to search for title defects before purchasing a home or an investment property so you can have a straightforward transaction. Title insurance can grant you this peace of mind.

At Frank Charles Miranda Trial Attorneys, we analyze the documents affecting your property rights meticulously to ensure they honor your rights and serve your needs. Our clients include Florida buyers and sellers. We provide advice on title insurance as well as facilitate title searches. We ensure that you purchase an insurance policy that upholds your rights and mitigates your risk.

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Title insurance policies fall into two broad categories. Lenders purchase one and prospective homeowners purchase the other. Lenders purchase title insurance to protect themselves from loss in a real estate transaction. However, this insurance does not offer protection if a party makes a claim against the property title in question. Therefore, you must conduct a meticulous title search before any transactions so you can buy your own insurance policy. The type of policy you purchase depends on your jurisdiction; in some cases, you need both.

Explaining Your Coverage So You Know Your Rights

It is in your best interests to learn what your policy covers. Almost all insurers require a title search before they are willing to underwrite a policy. The title search protects property owners by finding existing defects or claims such as:

  • Tax debts
  • Legal action
  • Undisclosed heirs
  • Mistakes in the deed
  • Fraud in the deed

Your title insurance protects you if the search somehow misses one of the previously mentioned conditions before the transaction can take place. However, policies typically have exclusions to what they will cover. Some common exclusions include:

  • Liens
  • Defects
  • Any other type of adverse claim
  • Environmental regulations that restrict the property use

The aforementioned items are only a few factors that could exclude you from coverage. Before you close on or refinance a property you should speak with an attorney. If you are interested in purchasing title insurance, get in touch with us to learn about how our services can protect you from risk.

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