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The Moments After a Car Crash Might Make or Break Your Case

Gathering evidence might not be the first thing on your mind if you’ve been in an auto accident, but if no one requires urgent medical care, it pays to start collecting information immediately. Obtaining the telephone number of a witness or taking a picture at the scene might be the difference between a favorable result Read More

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Am I Responsible For My Teen’s Accident?

  A parent’s worst nightmare is to receive a call that their teen is involved in an accident. Although accidents are common for all drivers, teenagers are in a category all their own when it comes to auto accidents and personal injury. Let’s face it teens today have more distractions than any other generation before Read More

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6 Most Common External Injuries In a Car Accident

In a blink of an eye, accidents happen on residential roads, highways, and freeways causing severe and minor damage to drivers, passengers, and vehicles. According to the CDC, Americans spend more than 1 million days in the hospital due to auto accidents.  These statistics suggest that there is a strong possibility that you are someone Read More

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Common Car Accident Injuries

An automobile collision can lead to a myriad of serious personal injuries and possibly death under certain circumstances. Most parties injured in a crash suffer trauma caused by the impact, from being thrown into part of the car upon colliding with a motor vehicle or road sign or unsecured cargo. A passenger or driver may Read More

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How to Avoid Fault After a Car Accident

Assessing who has been at fault during an accident does not always happen easily. Many factors come into play during an accident, particularly if others instigated the incident or environmental conditions played a role. An attorney can prove invaluable in evaluating police reports, eyewitness accounts, and nuances in insurance and the law itself. Pay attention Read More

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What to Do if You Have Been the Victim of a Hit in Run in Tampa

Nobody wants to be the victim of a hit and run, but if you find yourself in that situation, you need to know what you can do to ensure that the person who hit you doesn’t get away with it. Remember these helpful things so you can be prepared if you are a victim of Read More

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Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Every year millions of motor vehicle accidents take place on America’s roadways. While there are times that these accidents cannot be avoided, by and large most of our car wrecks are completely preventable because they are the fault of human error. Below, we’ll look at the three most common causes of car accidents in Tampa, Read More

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Can I Handle My Auto Accident Case?

Just because you are in an auto accident does not mean that you need a Tampa auto accident attorney.  If your accident involved only property damage on both sides, you may not need an attorney.  The same can be said for minor bumps and bruises that leave no permanent damage or disability, as long as Read More

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I Was in a Tampa Auto Accident!

Choosing the right lawyer for your Tampa auto accident case: It can be easy to find a lawyer.  The problem is that it can be hard to find the right lawyer for you and your Tampa auto accident case.  If you have a good case, one that will likely result in a win, there will Read More

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Hiring a Tampa Car Accident Attorney

If someone injured you through their negligence while driving a vehicle, then you have rights under the law. You need to make sure to protect those rights after a Tampa car accident, so you do not end up paying financially and personally for the negligence of another driver. Read on for the top five reasons Read More

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