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Why are more severe car accidents occurring now?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Serious Personal Injury, Tampa Auto Accidents

Car accidents in Florida and around the country have become more severe in recent years. Unfortunately, even drivers who take extra precautions can be involved in such an incident and be left with serious injuries. There are a variety of factors that contribute to these events.

Larger, heavier vehicles

More consumers than ever before are opting to buy larger, bulkier, heavier vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. These vehicles have grown more popular over the years because of the touted extra safety features. SUVs are particularly popular as many drivers’ go-to wheels.

Because these vehicles are so big and heavy, when they get into accidents, victims are more likely to suffer serious personal injuries or even die. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable; drivers might not even see them due to blind spots especially while making turns. Accidents involving smaller vehicles can leave the occupants of said cars catastrophically injured.

Older drivers

Many drivers are older, which is another reason for more severe accidents. Although most are responsible behind the wheel, some have health conditions that can increase the risk of a car crash. For example, some older drivers might have vision issues like cataracts that make it risky for them to drive after dark.

Reckless driving

Another major factor in the uptick in severe car accidents is reckless driving. Drivers who engage in behaviors such as aggressive driving, speeding, ignoring traffic signals, distracted driving or driving under the influence pose serious risks to everyone.

More traffic

There is also more traffic on the roads as many new drivers emerge. Many of these drivers are teenagers who are inexperienced behind the wheel. This puts them and everyone else at greater risk of a severe accident.

Sadly, you can’t control or predict what other drivers do, but you can manage your own behavior. Using defensive driving to your advantage might help you prevent an accident.