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The Important Role of Accident Reconstruction Experts

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Tampa Auto Accidents

Accident reconstruction experts can provide crucial details about how an accident occurred to establish liability in a personal injury case. However, an accident reconstruction expert cannot simply go into court and offer their opinion. Under Florida law, they must meet certain qualifications and show that they have specialized knowledge.

These experts have a substantial amount of training and practical experience and may also have received various professional certifications. Typically, they are engineers or former law enforcement officers who know how to evaluate an accident scene and collect evidence.

There can be many reasons an accident reconstruction expert might be brought in on a personal injury case, including the following:

  • Fault in the accident is not straightforward
  • There are no eyewitnesses who can provide testimony
  • The parties involved in the crash are unable to remember the details
  • The vehicles involved in the collision were severely damaged
  • The speed of the vehicle at the time of impact is unknown
  • The angle of the crash must be determined
  • The opinion of the other party’s accident reconstruction expert may need to be refuted
  • There is inconsistent information regarding how the accident was caused

An expert might look at physical evidence at the scene, as well as photographs and video surveillance to reconstruct the scene. They might evaluate things like tire marks, the roadway surface, the final resting places of the vehicles following the collision and gouge marks that show the area of initial impact. Airbag control modules may also provide information about the vehicle’s speed and other variables. Once they have obtained all the evidence necessary, the accident reconstruction expert will then reconstruct the accident using physics and mathematics principles.

Reconstructing an accident can provide a significant amount of information about the crash. For instance, it might reveal contributing factors such as speeding, failure to stop at a red light, low visibility, hazardous road conditions, mechanical failure or loss of driver control. Accident reconstruction experts may compile the information in a written report or develop a 3D model which can be used as evidence at trial. Determining liability in car crashes can be complex, but using an accident reconstruction expert can help uncover the truth of what happened and might bolster your claim in a car accident lawsuit. A skilled personal injury attorney will know whether retaining one would benefit you.

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