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Why You Need Tampa Title Insurance

Problems with the title can will limit your enjoyment and use of the property, as well as bring financial loss. That is what the Tampa title search and title insurance are for.

The Tampa Title Search

After a sales contract has been accepted, a Tampa real estate attorney will search the public records to look for problems with the home’s title.  The search involves a review of land records going back many years. More than one-third of all title searches reveal a problem that a Tampa real estate attorney must fix before you go to closing. A previous owner may have had minor remodeling on the property, but never fully paid the contractor for the work. Another common problem would be failure by the previous owner to pay either state or local taxes, a problem a Tampa real estate attorney seeks to resolve before you go to closing. What happens if a problem arises after you move in?

The Tampa Owner’s Title Policy

Title problems do occur that could not be found while researching public records or are missed inadvertently in the title search process. To protect against these events, it is recommended that you obtain an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance to insure against unforeseen problems.

Owner’s Title Insurance, called the Owner’s Policy, it is issued in the total amount of the real estate purchase. It is purchased for a one-time fee at closing and lasts for as long as you or your heirs have any interest in the property. Only an Owner’s Policy protects the buyer should a covered title problem arise with the title that was not found during the title search.

The bottom line is that an Owner’s Policy provides assurance that your title company will stand behind you!

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