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Is Tampa’s Real Estate Market Finally Shifting in Buyers’ Favor?

The Tampa real estate market continued to grow in 2018. Analysts forecast the rate of price increases to slow in 2019, making Tampa a bit more of a buyer’s market than it was in 2018. That said, housing inventory in Tampa is still low, so buyers will still have to pound the pavement to find Read More

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Strong Legal Advice Is Crucial in Tampa’s Booming Real Estate Market

Residential and commercial developers are making huge investments in downtown Tampa, helping our area live up to its tremendous potential. With more than 60 active projects, competition for real estate, construction firms and associated services is heating up. In this active market, a mistake or missed opportunity can be costly, so it’s essential to retain Read More

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The Benefits of Seeking Solid Counsel in the Booming Tampa Bay Real Estate Market

The Tampa Bay area has experienced a surge in commercial real estate due largely to the efforts of property brokers working together to promote the region. While development in Tampa Bay can be a profitable, prestigious, and noteworthy enterprise, it’s also not without risks, especially for newcomers unfamiliar with the area’s local statutes and social Read More

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The Way Closings Should Work: Innovative Software Eases the Real Estate Process

An often overlooked consequence of hurricanes in Florida is their effect upon residential and commercial real estate sales. As soon as a hurricane’s approach is announced, real estate closings are usually delayed until after the storm has passed and weather conditions have improved. That delay may lead prospective buyers to change their minds and decide Read More

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Why Real Estate Investors Need to Have a Lawyer

Many properties throughout Florida’s metro areas are still in recovery from price drops that followed the recent housing bust. Steep price declines are being reported for properties in several areas including Orlando, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Naples. While some experts are predicting a further drop in the market prices, some optimistic real estate investors are Read More

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Why You Don’t Want Your Tampa Bay–Area Realtor to Pick Your Title Company

Selling a home in Florida can be a lengthy and sometimes complicated process. Numerous detailed steps and a variety of documents are necessary to ensure a successful sale. Sellers are generally required to prepare their properties for a buyer, which may include unexpected last-minute repairs before placing the house on the market. Before a seller Read More

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Before You Purchase a Lot for a Luxury Home in Pinellas County, Know Your Property Boundaries

Troubling and disruptive boundary disputes can be avoided or resolved by having a thorough land survey conducted before purchasing a property in Florida. A professional land surveyor can use GPS tracking to accurately identify a property’s boundary lines and determine any issues that buyers should be aware of. It’s also important to get a survey Read More

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A short sale and my credit report

In 2015 there was nearly 1.1 million properties with foreclosure filings, a number that is a 3% decline compared to 2014 and a nine-year low. If there is no way to avoid keep your home and foreclosure, a short sale may offer you the only way to resolve the situation with a minimal amount of Read More

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The Closing Disclosure Form

In the past, federal law required that two forms be provided to a home buyer at, or shortly before their loan closing. The information on these forms, known as the final TIL and HUD1, was often overlapping and inconsistent. Home buyers often found the forms confusing. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act Read More

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Understanding New Loan Closing Disclosure Forms

Federal law required that consumers be provided two different disclosure forms at the time of their loan closing. The information on the two forms was often overlapping, inconsistent and confusing for consumers. The Dodd-Frank Act directed the CFPB to meld the two forms into a single disclosure form that would be easy for consumers to Read More

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