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On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2014 | Tampa Real Estate Attorney

Either the purchase or sale of a residence can be one of the most important, but confusing transactions any adult will make. Recognizing the potential problem, Tampa Florida attorney Frank Charles Miranda issued a statement providing some clarity to the role of legal counsel in Tampa Bay real estate transactions.

Miranda explained that the process required to purchase a home calls for close attention to be paid to an array of seemingly minute of details. Most of the details require extensive personal knowledge of both local and state real estate laws. This means it is always advisable to at least consult with and potentially enlist the services of a Tampa real estate attorney.

Miranda went on to explain that the role of a real estate attorney is particularly pertinent in the following matters:

– Title search.

– The purchase and sale agreement.

– The closing.

The paperwork included in the closing documents will typically include, but is not limited to:

– The deed.

– Discharge of mortgages.

– Promissory note and mortgage.

– Survey or mortgage plot plan.

– The Truth in Lending Statement.

Miranda finished by explaining that after the closing paperwork has been completed, the attorney will make sure the title examination is updated, and all appropriate paperwork is recorded with the appropriate Registry of Deeds.

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