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Why Do I Need A Tampa Real Estate Attorney

On Behalf of | May 9, 2013 | Tampa Real Estate Attorney

While using the services of an attorney can lead to several thousand dollars being added to the cost of a Tampa real estate transaction, it is money well spent.  Read this article to find out how a Tampa real estate attorney is capable of helping you close a real estate deal, and how they will help you sidestep the pitfalls that can cost you big dollars.


While most people are capable of negotiating in-person with another person, the terms of a Tampa real estate transaction must be put into concrete form in a contract for terms to be considered legally binding.  Attorneys create the framework for the contract be negotiating on your behalf, and making sure that the contract follows Florida state laws and addresses specific issues that might impact the future use of the property.  It is the job of the Tampa real estate attorney to keep his client aware of real estate laws specific to the state.

Review of Liens:

Another vital role for a Tampa real estate attorney is the title search, which is being completed for the sole goal of verifying that the property is free of liens and judgments.  The outcome of the title search matters, because it will reveal whether the seller has the legal right to sell the property to another person.  Working relationships with any number of title search companies means that the Tampa real estate attorney will be able to quickly conduct the search quickly, and at a low cost.


Tampa real estate deeds will need to be filed often on a county and state level, and an attorney can do this quickly and efficiently.

What will happen without a Tampa real estate attorney?

Without a Tampa real estate attorney, your chances increase for being sued by the opposing party; the title may not be cleared and the correct documents may not be filed with the state.  In short, having legal counsel makes good business sense because of the complexities that come with real estate.