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The role of rehabilitation when recovering from TBIs

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Serious Personal Injury, Traumatic brain injury

It can be impossible to predict what happens after an accident, primarily if the incident results in physical harm with long-term effects, such as moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). The healing process from these TBIs can vary, considering several factors impacting the patient’s ability to recover. Sometimes, these injuries can cause cognitive and neurological complications, affecting the patient’s capacity to live independently. In these scenarios, rehabilitation could be necessary.

When to seek rehabilitation for a TBI

Rehabilitation is a form of specialized medical care that can address various issues a patient may face because of their injury. When dealing with TBI cases, a healthcare provider may specify the type of program necessary after conducting tests and screenings on the patient.

Rehabilitation programs and services can be expensive, so it may be a requirement if the treating physician recommends it. Despite a doctor’s recommendations, some types of rehabilitation can only become an option after confirming the diagnosis.

How can rehabilitation help?

When a patient’s quality of life deteriorates because of their TBI, rehabilitation can be beneficial. Healthcare providers can adjust the program, including components and features, to fit the patient’s needs.

Regardless of how elaborate it is, rehabilitation can improve the patient’s life by helping them learn how to regain their independence, maintain relationships and participate in activities involving their community. These options can work in tandem with other medical treatments, all necessary to help the patient recover fully.

Other factors impacting recovery

A patient’s recovery can also depend on other factors, including their TBI’s severity, access to adequate support systems, and ability to afford rehabilitation or other types of medical care. Sometimes, the patient may have no choice but to pursue compensation to have enough money to pay for medical needs. If someone else’s negligence caused the TBI, the patient could take legal action, depending on the circumstances.