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Finding Counsel When You’ve Been Hurt During a Florida Visit

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2018 | Tampa Personal Injury

As a vacation destination for people from around the world, Florida is filled with visitors who are traveling between destinations and enjoying what we have to offer. Unfortunately, auto accidents and other injuries are a natural consequence of this activity. When you’ve been injured while visiting Florida for a vacation or work, you need an attorney who can be trusted to deliver strong representation once you’ve gone home.

No matter where you live, a qualified Florida personal injury lawyer can advise you of the state laws that govern incidents that occur here, including:

  • Auto accidents — Busy streets, confusing highways and distracted drivers pose a serious risk, especially if a motorist is unfamiliar with the local roads. If you’re in an accident, a local attorney can provide guidance about insurance coverage and litigation issues whether you were in your own vehicle or a rental car.
  • Slip and fall injuries — Unlike victims in premises liability cases in some other states, people hurt in Florida slip and fall incidents can recover damages even if they are partly responsible for the injury. Negligence at amusement parks, shopping areas and other heavily frequented locations often leads to serious physical damages. An attorney familiar with state law and local practices will help you build the strongest case possible.
  • Inadequate security claims — Day or night, wherever tourists or locals gather, property owners are responsible for taking reasonable security precautions. Determining whether proper measures were taken can be a challenge, though. Don’t guess about your legal rights or rely on someone without detailed knowledge of the injury site.

Fortunately, technology now allows instant communication no matter where you might be located after leaving the Tampa Bay area. Whatever injury occurred and whoever the defendant is, you can be a full participant in your litigation from anywhere in the world. If you’ve been hurt while visiting the Gulf Coast, Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. represents victims in a full range of Florida personal injury matters. Please call 813-902-3925 or contact us online to schedule a consultation regarding your potential case. Our office is in Tampa.