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Complications Associated with Defective Hernia Mesh

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery

The development of an implantable fabric mesh changed the surgical treatment of hernia surgery. Hernia mesh material made it possible for a physician to choose to bridge the abnormal opening in the muscles of the abdominal wall, rather than repairing the injury with the existing muscles by creating tension. Recurrence of the hernia had been common prior to the introduction of hernia mesh for repair surgeries, but that is not to say that hernia mesh is without risks. If you have experienced any of the following, after surgery it is important to seek immediate care from a medical professional.


Hernia mesh material is specifically designed to be implanted in your body, but it Is also recognized as a foreign body. The reaction your body has to the material and its inhibition of your immune system increase the potential for infection of the material and the surrounding muscle. Some of the infections can be treated with the introduction of antibiotics, but some will only be resolved In the hernia mesh material is removed and a different solution is attempted for repairing the hernia.

Intestinal Complications

When the hernia mesh material is inserted into the abdominal cavity, it is possible that the material will become stuck to a portion of the bowel. In some patients the mesh will cause the intestine to kink and a blockage will be formed. The mesh material can also cause erosion of the intestinal wall, leading to the introduction of fecal matter to the blood stream. The only resolution in both situations is a surgical procedure to remove the mesh and correct the intestinal complication.

Nerve Entrapment
There is always discomfort expected after a surgery. The pain typically diminishes rapidly, but persistent moderate pain after hernia mesh surgery can indicate nerves have become entrapped in the surgical mesh. If the pain does not stop, it is possible that another will be required to release the nerve.

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