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Infected Hernia Mesh Symptoms

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2017 | Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery

Infections involving hernia mesh often do not respond well to a course of antibiotics alone and will require that the eroded mesh be removed through multiple surgeries. Post-op recovery after surgery to replace or compensate for failed hernia mesh is time consuming and painful. If you are experiencing or have previously experienced any or all of the following symptoms after hernia repair, you may qualify to file a hernia mesh claim.

Inflammation Around the Procedure Area

Polypropylene, a material used in packaging, plastic and reusable containers, is used in a mesh form to help repair the hernia. The concept is that polypropylene will cause inflammation which will promote tissue growth through and around the mesh. Medical professionals hope that the scar tissue and the mesh will act to form a stronger bond to prevent another hernia. The inflammation will cease for some hernia repair patients, but others will continue to suffer pain and this can lead to infection. Continued hernia mesh inflammation can manifest in abdominal tenderness, making regular daily activities painful and difficult.

Failure to Heal

If there is an infection, it may hinder healing at the site of the incision. The expected outcome in this situation is a painful and messy build-up of fluid at the surgical site, and the hernia repair will not fully heal.

Flu Symptoms

Nausea, chills or fever following hernia repair could indicate an infection of the polypropylene hernia mesh. A fever and body aches generally occur when the body is fighting a foreign invader.

Chronic Pain

Nerve injury, nerve entrapment or a reaction to the mesh and subsequent scar tissue have been documented to cause chronic groin pain. Proper nerve handling at the time of hernia repair surgery is crucial to minimize the potential for chronic pain. In the case of pain that cannot be adequately controlled, it will be necessary to operate again to address nerve entrapment or mesh failure.

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