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Is It Too Late to File a Tampa BP Oil Spill Claim?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Tampa Business BP Oil Spill Claim

The BP Oil Spill was the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the oil industry. The disaster resulted in oil seeping into the surrounding environment for more than four months, causing great harm to the environment and adversely affecting small business owners; individuals and wildlife along the majority of the Gulf Coast.

Many businesses along the Florida Gulf Coast have suffered both directly and indirectly from the BP Oil Spill. BP has agreed to compensate the victims of the oil spill, and have not set a cap on the amount of compensation that is available.

Under the settlement agreement, the claim is computed based on a detailed financial formula comprised of your financial data from 2007 ”“ 2011. This means that you are not required to specify how losses were directly caused by the spill, which may have previously been difficult information for a business owner to calculate.

Who is eligible to file a BP Oil Spill Claim?

  • Types of businesses eligible:Virtually every type of business, except financial institutions; insurance agents; oil dealers; gas dealers; defense contractors and real estate developers can currently file a BP Oil Spill Claim.
  • Business geographic location:Any business located on the West Coast of Florida, from the Panhandle to the Keys is eligible to file a Tampa BP Oil Spill Claim.
  • Businesses that suffered economic loss:This is determined by a detailed financial formula that is based on a decrease in earnings for 2010 if when compared to 2007; 2008; 2009 or an average of these three years.
  • Deadline to file a BP Oil Spill Claim:The deadline to submit a BP Oil Spill Claim is set for April 22, 2014. The filing process does take several months to complete, meaning that it is in your best interest to get your claim filed sooner rather than later.

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