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Why Do I Need A Tampa Personal Injury Attorney

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2013 | Tampa Personal Injury

You do not want to hire your own attorney to represent you in a personal injury claim after an accident?  Some people throw good judgment out the window, incorrectly believing that they have the skill set you need to represent yourself in court.  They never even consider retaining an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney.

The blame can go to television programs and films that give the impression that the common man has a chance to win over a jury, without the stigma associated with a Tampa personal injury attorney. The life we all live is not a Hollywood blockbuster or even a Lifetime movie, the reality of pro se representation is typically a lost case for the Clarence Darrow in training.  Think of self-representation in an injury case like the quote from President Abraham Lincoln, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  He was correct.

Representatives for the insurance company in a Tampa personal injury cases may try to convince you that settlement before an attorney is involved is best.  They contend that the participation of a Tampa personal injury attorney will just “confuse”  the case issues.  Why do you think they are so dead set on you serving as your own legal representation in your own Tampa personal injury case, without even a moment to speak with a Tampa personal injury attorney?

They certainly do not have your interests at heart.  Representatives for the insurance agencies want to offer you the lowest amount of financial compensation possible.  Their goal is to ensure that you do not speak with a Tampa personal injury attorney, so their insurance company is able to continue to make big profits for the shareholders.  An accident victim has no leverage to force an insurance company to make a reasonable settlement offer.  Leverage can only be found if you retain a successful and credible Tampa personal injury attorney to aggressively pursue your claim.

Hiring an experienced Tampa personal injury attorney after any type of accident in which an injury may have been incurred is the smartest move an accident victim can make.  Hiring a personal injury attorney will make sure that you have someone in your corner fighting against big insurance.