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Facts about serious personal injuries after a car accident

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Serious Personal Injury

In the state of Florida, approximately 40% of motor vehicle crashes result in injuries every year. While some crashes may cause mild bumps and bruises, crashes create serious personal injuries.

Definition of serious personal injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that more than three million serious injuries occur following car accidents in the U.S. Florida Statute § 316.027 defines serious bodily injury as any injury that meets one of the following conditions:

• Creates a risk of death

• Significant personal disfigurement

• Loss or major impairment of part of your body

Head injuries

Head injuries occur commonly in car accidents and frequently fit the definition of a serious personal injury. Left untreated, head injuries can lead to a coma, paralysis or death. If you suffer from a head injury after a motor vehicle accident, follow these steps:

• Seek medical treatment.

• Always follow your medical provider’s instructions.

• Keep an eye on any symptoms in case your injury gets worse.

Serious impairments

Following a car accident, you may find it difficult to return to your previous lifestyle due to severe impairments. You may experience one of these common examples of impaired bodily functions as a result of car accidents:

• Exposed tissue, bone or muscle

• Excessive loss of blood

• Skull injuries.

• Impact injuries to the abdomen

• Severe burns

• Injuries that accompany being crushed in a motor vehicle accident

All of these types of injuries may result in death. If you do survive, you may face weeks or months of therapy.


Some car accidents may leave you with major disfigurements, such as excessive scarring or an amputation. In these cases, you may face difficulty returning to work and may need life-long therapy and medical treatment.

Car accident victims often feel shaken and experience pain in the aftermath of the crash. Never believe that you are exaggerating your injury. Better to stay on the safe side and seek medical treatment immediately.