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Title Examinations and Insurance Should Not Be Overlooked

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | Tampa Title Insurance

During real estate transactions, title issues are often mentioned briefly. With so many other concerns for buyers and sellers, ensuring clear ownership might be an afterthought, but failure to secure advice and insurance for these matters could threaten your transaction and the value of the parcel in question. With many out-of-state buyers and rapid growth over the past half-century, Florida is more prone to title concerns than other parts of the United States. If you’re engaged in a property sale, obtaining qualified assistance on title matters might help you avoid a costly problem.

An experienced Florida real estate lawyer will help ensure that marketable title exists before a transaction closes and handle such tasks as:

  • Coordinating searches — By diligently researching records from Hillsborough and other counties, a report is developed that details any title defects in the subject property. From there, a qualified attorney can clearly outline any liens or other problems that exist so you can determine how to protect your interests.
  • Clearing liens and other encumbrances — In some instances, an ownership flaw, lien or other type of encumbrance can be cleared promptly, allowing the proposed sale to go forward. No matter how you choose to deal with the title defect, your lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary expenses and stress.
  • Obtaining insurance — Obtaining an appropriate title insurance policy will give a mortgage lender the security needed to fund a residential or commercial real estate purchase. By working with a knowledgeable law firm, you’ll understand what this coverage entails in your specific matter.

Even if you believe that no title problems exist, it’s important to find a lawyer to coordinate this aspect of your real estate transaction. Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. assists clients with title issues and other Florida real estate matters. Please call 813-902-3925 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Tampa office.