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The dangerous drug Xarelto

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2015 | Xarelto

A lawsuit filed regarding the drug Xarelto, alleges that its manufacturer and co-marketer failed to warn patients and doctors of the elevated risk of irreversible and fatal internal bleeding when using the drug. The complaint indicates that if both companies had warned of the risks, patients would have asked to be prescribed warfarin, and medical professionals would have complied. Warfarin is a prescription anticoagulant in which dangerous internal bleeding can be treated through the administration of high doses of Vitamin K.

If it is dangerous, why is Xarelto prescribed?

Xarelto is a blood thinner that has been prescribed to minimize the chance for blood clots in patients who have been diagnosed with or undergone:

  • A stroke.
  • Blood clots in the lungs.
  • An arrhythmia of the heart.
  • Blood clots deep within the body.
  • Knee or hip replacement surgery.

The anticoagulant Xarelto has been prescribed as in place of warfarin, a blood thinner that was first introduced to the market in 1954.

What are the risks and complications of Xarelto?

The most notable potential side effect and risk caused by Xarelto is severe internal hemorrhaging that can result in the death of a patient. There is no antidote to reverse the type of internal bleeding caused by the anticoagulant.

Other potential injuries caused by the blood thinner Xarelto include:

  • Hematomas.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Decreased hemoglobin levels.
  • Peripheral swelling of the lower limbs.
  • An infection associated with knee or hip replacement.

How long do I have to file a Xarelto lawsuit?

Each state has a statute of limitations during which an injury claim must be filed. If your claim is not filed before the statute of limitations expires, the injured party is prevented from filing a claim against the entities who may be liable for the injuries.

If you may have been injured by the use of Xarelto, it is possible your statute of limitations may expire in the immediate future. There is no way we can provide a firm timeline without first reviewing the basic facts of your individual claim. The one thing we can definitively state is that every day you wait to speak with an attorney is one less chance you have to file for compensation.

As the side effects of Xarelto become widely known, you may be able to build a strong case and reach a settlement with the right help. You can reach the office of Frank Charles Miranda at 813.254.2637 to speak with a skilled representative at your earliest convenience.