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Tampa BP Oil Spill Claim Attorney Frank Charles Miranda

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2014 | FCM Law In The News

Tampa, Florida BP oil spill claim attorney Frank Charles Miranda issued a reminder to business owners across the Gulf Coast of Florida regarding the impending April deadline to file a BP oil spill claim. The notice was addressed primarily to businesses in Hillsborough County but Miranda hopes that businesses located in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama also take note of the reminder. Businesses in the areas mentioned may be covered by BP’s economic and property damages settlement, which was designed to compensate businesses for economic losses stemming from the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent oil spill.

Miranda explained that businesses often ignore notices regarding the filing of a BP oil spill claim, feeling that they do not qualify. The BP economic and property damages settlement gives all businesses in Zone A the benefit of a “no causation” standard, meaning there will be no need to prove and type of economic losses in 2010 following the BP oil spill. Miranda went on to explain that the “no causation” standard is not limited to businesses located in Zone A, because there are certain Zone B businesses that will fall under the same standards of “no causation.” He listed restaurants, hotels and shops frequented by tourists as the type of businesses which will fall under the same standards as businesses in Zone A.

Miranda went on to explain that the service businesses, businesses forced to close, businesses that sold products in the affected areas and anyone who owned real estate holdings in the area should consider filing a BP oil spill claim before April 2014. These are just a small sampling of the kinds of businesses that are eligible to take part in the settlement agreement that was approved by the court.

Miranda feels the best way to understand eligibility is to consult with a Tampa BP oil spill claim attorney as quickly as possible.

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