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On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2013 | Tampa motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are involved in a higher percentage of physical injury accidents than any other motorized vehicle for a myriad of reasons. Lack of protection exposes a rider to an increased risk of serious injury. Inexperience, impaired driving and reckless driving are all also reasons that Tampa motorcycle accidents occur, but more motorcyclists are likely to be harmed by another motorist who fails to judge speed and distance correctly. Motorcyclists also tend to become invisible while turning at an intersection. Consequently, Tampa motorcycle riders should always be aware on the road, and know what to do if they become injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida.

Here are a few things you should AVOID doing if you are injured in a Tampa motorcycle accident:

  • Do not talk to anyone about how the motorcycle accident occurred, except for local law enforcement. You need time to process the accident, and speaking to someone too soon may leave you providing a statement that is not completely correct. When you talk to the police about the motorcycle accident, provide as much factual information as possible and avoid making any guesses regarding speed or any potential cause for the accident.
  • Do not refuse medical attention. Many injuries will not manifest symptoms for several hours after the accident, including back and possible internal injuries. Refusing medical treatment will also indicate to insurance companies that you were not injured, making future claims appear fraudulent in nature.
  • Avoid giving a recorded statement to any insurance adjuster, or even talking to an insurance adjuster if you have not talked to a Tampa motorcycle accident attorney.
  • Never assume that the other party in the accident will simply admit fault. Obtain the names and contact information of accident witnesses, take photos of the accident scene; vehicles involved and your injuries. These photos can provide valuable details of the accident that may resolve liability or causation issues.


If you have suffered injuries in a Tampa motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation to assist with the insurance companies. Tampa attorney Frank Charles Miranda may be able to help you with your injury claim. For a free consultation regarding your injuries, call us at 813.254.2637.