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A GranuFlo Attorney Can Evaluate Your Dialysis Lawsuit

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2013 | Tampa Dialysis Lawsuits

The product GranuFlo is a dry acid concentrate used during hemodialysis for patients with renal failure. GranuFlo has been linked to adverse health effects in patients, including sudden death due to cardiac arrest. Complications potentially caused by GranuFlo are so dire that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Class 1 recall of the concentrate, which is the most serious level in the FDA’s recall schedule.

For those who have experienced health problems due to exposure to the GranuFlo concentrate, a dedicated GranuFlo attorney from the office of Frank Miranda Attorneys at Law may be able to help you secure compensation deserved for pain and suffering. Contact our office today at 813.254.2637 to speak with a legal professional regarding your legal rights and the next step you will want to take.

Potential Complications from GranuFlo Use, and their Importance to a GranuFlo Attorney.

GranuFlo has been linked to health complications since evidence of its potentially harmful side effects originally came to light. The most dangerous side effects that a GranuFlo attorney will be interested in include the following:

  • Strokes.
  • Heart attack.
  • Sudden death.
  • Metabolic alkalosis.
  • Low blood pressure (hypotension).
  • An irregular heartbeat (arrhythmias).

Any of these complications can have a devastating impact on the life of a family, potentially requiring extensive care and leaving an individual unable to continue working. These damages can put a family in a difficult financial situation, but a GranuFlo attorney can help sort through the problems.

If you are ready to speak with a GranuFlo attorney, we are prepared to take your call.

If you, a family member or a friend has suffered as a result of GranuFlo use, it is time to call the office of Frank Miranda Attorneys at Law at 813.254.2637. Speak with a member of our experienced legal team about your dialysis lawsuit, and whether you qualify for compensation.