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What is a Tampa Title Search?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2013 | Tampa Title Search

A Tampa title search is a comprehensive review of all public records associated with a particular piece of property.  A typical Tampa title search consists of any and all historical records pertaining to the property including, but  in no way limited to; deeds; wills; trusts; court documents; property and name indexes; mortgages and a myriad of other documents.

Why do I need a Tampa title search?

The Tampa title search is to verify that there are no liens or other legal claims against the real estate, and that all former owners have given up their rights to ownership of the property.  This also verifies that the seller has a right to transfer ownership of the property.

How do you conduct my Tampa title search?

A Tampa title search can go as far back as three decades, and begins with the Tampa title attorney investigating the previous owners of the property.  This search can go all the way back to when the land was purchased by the original how owners.

The power of the internet has allowed the Tampa title search to become at least partially electronic, harnessing the power of the internet.  The abundance of public documents online expedites the process but, at this time, it remains necessary for at least some work to be conducted searching county records in person.

In the search of both physical and electronic documents, during the Tampa title search, the attorney is attempting to determine if there are any “clouds” that will affect the seller’s ability to transfer the title of the home to a buyer.  If problems are detected in the Tampa title search, it is crucial that you maintain title insurance to protect the investment.

The office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. is capable of conducting a Tampa title search for any real estate purchase you are currently considering.  Check back this week for a discussion regarding the role of title insurance after your Tampa title search turns up some “clouds” on the property you want to purchase.