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Both Bayer and Johnson & Johnson are facing a large number of nationwide lawsuits over excessive bleeding caused by the prescription blood thinner Xarelto. This anticoagulant is typically prescribed to patients who face the risk of life-endangering blood clots. Unlike the trusted medical mainstay, warfarin, the cure has proven worse than the potential for blood clots for many patients and their families.

Warfarin has safely helped prevent blood clots for more than fifty years, but disturbing reports have surfaced that Xarelto has caused uncontrolled bleeding and death in some cases. The problem is that there is no method by which to stop uncontrolled bleeding caused by Xarelto.

Troubles caused by Xarelto have not escaped the attention of regulators from the government. Two FDA black box warnings are prominently displayed on the drug’s label. The warnings detail that:

  • Early cessation of the blood thinner increases the risk for developing clots.
  • Xarelto can contribute to severe spinal and head injuries in a number of patients.

Other warnings associated with the blood thinner highlight the risk of bleeding injuries and the danger the drug can pose to patients with prosthetic valves.

Do Tampa patients who were prescribed Xarelto have a case? Yes. Internal bleeding is serious, and when it occurs near a major organ, it can prove fatal. Additionally, most patients who were prescribed Xarelto were either predisposed toward blood clots or recovering from major conditions like:

  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks
  • Deep vein thrombosis

Internal bleeding will often further weaken the patients and add significant time to an already lengthy return to health and wellness. Unfortunately, hundreds of people have died. When a person dies through the fault of another party, the surviving family members can often file a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you have experienced internal bleeding, you likely qualify for a Xarelto lawsuit!

If you feel that you have experienced internal bleeding, you should contact a medical professional as soon as possible to discuss all of the following:

  • Possible substitute medications like warfarin.
  • Potential bleeding side effects caused by Xarelto.
  • Risk factors for complications caused by internal bleeding.

If you feel that you have already experienced the harmful side effects potentially caused by Xarelto, the office of Frank Charles Miranda can help guide you through the process for filing a legal claim and gaining restitution. As the dangerous side effects of the drug become more well-known, you may be able to develop a strong case and reach a settlement with our help. Call our office at 813-666-8332 today to speak with a skilled representative directly.

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