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Fresenius Medical Care is the subject of a large number of dialysis lawsuits stemming from heart attacks and strokes caused by the dialysis additive products Granuflo and Naturalyte. A version of both products gained approval by the FDA as early as 2003 and was marketed as Granulyte. If you or a family member suffered a heart attack or stroke within three days of undergoing a dialysis treatment, you will want to contact the office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A.

Why Are Dialysis Lawsuits Being Filed?

The dialysis additives Granuflo and Naturalyte were intended to reduce the incidence of strokes and heart attacks in patients receiving hemodialysis by helping to maintain proper blood pH levels. Maintaining proper blood pH levels is a necessity in all dialysis patients. A blood pH imbalance can lead to;

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack.
  • Death within 24 – 48 hours of dialysis.

Granuflo and Naturalyte were concentrated versions of products that were previously used to help maintain proper PH levels in dialysis patients. Lawsuit allegations in Tampa dialysis lawsuit cases filed against Fresenius contend that Fresenius Medical Care failed to properly instruct and train dialysis clinics and medical personnel on the proper dosing of the concentrated additives.

Failure by Fresenius Medical Care to properly instruct dialysis clinics and personnel is alleged to have resulted in overdosing of dialysis patients with Granuflo and Naturalyte. The overdosing was then alleged to have caused or contributed to patients who were undergoing dialysis treatment to suffer heart attacks, strokes or a variety of other health conditions.

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