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Residents from Plant City to Tampa have all had a similar question, “What in the world is that smell?”

Is it natural gas? Has there been a propane leak? Is it garlic? Was there a fish kill? Is it dangerous to my health?

The smell is caused by Paladin Soil Fumigant from Arkema, and it may cause respiratory infections, pulmonary reactions, asthma attacks and a myriad of airway diseases.

paladin soil fumigant

Common Paladin Soil Fumigant reactions reported include:

  • Pulmonary distress.
  • Skin irritation, rash, burning or blistering.
  • Headache, nausea and dizziness.
  • Burning and irritation of eyes, nose and throat.
  • Slurred speech, loss of muscle control or tremors.


Paladin Soil Fumigant is used to treat the soil before strawberries are planted, killing anything that could put the crop in jeopardy. Farms are using the chemical in a larger quantity than they even did in 2013, when the region had its first large-scale introduction to the adverse effects of the fumigant. While the chemical is purported to be organic and safe, it does come with the smell and the health problems aggravated by its application to local fields.

A plastic tarp is traditionally used in the fumigant application process in order to keep the chemical in the ground. Tarps proved unsuccessful in containing the smell in 2013, prompting Arkema to opt for a Totally Impermeable Film (TIF) tarp. The updated plastic-culture process has not slowed down reports of illness.

You may find yourself like one local resident who is now being treated for asthma.  She had previously been healthy enough to run on a treadmill daily.

You may be entitled to recover damages for expenses incurred due to medical bills and injuries caused by liberal application of Paladin Soil Fumigant on the growing fields in the Dover, Brandon and Plant City areas.

If you notice the smell of garlic, onions or decaying fish, and are experiencing health problems, call our office today for a free consultation: 813.254.2637 ext. 4.

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