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Tampa BP Oil Spill Claims

The BP oil spill and its impact will affect the Gulf Coast region for an unknown number of years, or potentially even decades.  In the months following the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in April 2010, it is estimated that nearly five million barrels of oil pumped into the Gulf of Mexico completely unchecked and this marked the rig disaster as the worst oil spill in history.  Now that the flow of oil has long since stopped, the scope of the total spill is in focus and the attention is now on the BP oil claims emanating from the long term damage done to businesses and individuals.

Individuals and businesses that file a Tampa BP oil spill claim can be compensated for a wide range of economic damages attributable to the oil spill and cleanup efforts, including but not limited to:

  • Personal income of any/all employees and this can include employees who typically only receive cash compensation.
  • Lost business profits and overall diminished earning capacity.
  • Damage of any kind to either personal property or business property.
  • Personal injury and ongoing health problems associated with the BP oil spill and cleanup process.  It is important to understand that these claims will be evaluated individually, and there is no verifiable proof that claims associated with mental distress will be covered.

Should you file a claim?

Anyone who resided and/or worked along the affected area of the Gulf Coast during the BP oil spill should contact our office to discuss filing a BP oil spill claim.  You can reach Tampa attorney Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. by calling 813.254.2637 to discuss your Tampa BP oil spill claim.

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