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Avoid a foreclosure auction with a short sale

A real estate short sale is when a bank agrees to accept a payoff figure on your mortgage that is less than what is owed. What’s in a short sale for you? There is no ideal scenario that will allow you to magically catch-up on late mortgage payments and keep your Tampa home. It’s to Read More

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Frank Miranda helps close Tampa real estate purchases

Frank Charles Miranda recognizes the steps involved in a Tampa home purchase can be confusing and complicated when handled alone. A home purchase requires attention be paid to a myriad of details, most of which require one has extensive knowledge of Hillsborough County real estate laws. This means it is always a good idea to Read More

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What is a real estate title search?

A real estate title search is a procedure performed when a parcel of land is transferred to new ownership through a sale or inheritance. The purpose of the report is to research the history of the Tampa property through records for variances or irregularities associated with the real estate. The report developed and filed from Read More

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Navigating a Tampa home purchase

For nearly anyone, purchasing a Tampa home is the largest and most important decision they will need to make. Whether they are purchasing or selling, hiring a Hillsborough County real estate attorney early in the process means you will be protected against surprises, and ensure a smooth and low-stress closing date. Following, you will find Read More

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Real Estate Law in Tampa

The office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. understands the pride of living in and doing business in the Greater Tampa Bay area. It is our honor to fight for the protection of that privilege for our clients, because life is more than a battle waged over Tampa real estate issues. We are prepared to be the Read More

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Finding a Tampa Real Estate Lawyer

While some states require that a real estate lawyer be involved whenever someone buys a home, in other states, a real estate attorney is a participant in the home-buying process by choice. If a real estate lawyer is not the norm or required, legal counsel can be something that any homebuyer needs. If something falls Read More

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Why Do I Need a Tampa Real Estate Attorney?

Tampa real estate attorney’s document and review real estate transactions including; purchases; leases; appraisals and inspections.  The also resolve title insurance and environmental issues.  When things go wrong in a real estate transaction, a Tampa real estate attorney steps in to file and defend lawsuits in court.  Many real estate lawyers do also help borrowers Read More

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Why Do I Need A Tampa Real Estate Attorney

While using the services of an attorney can lead to several thousand dollars being added to the cost of a Tampa real estate transaction, it is money well spent.  Read this article to find out how a Tampa real estate attorney is capable of helping you close a real estate deal, and how they will Read More

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What Is Title Insurance?

If you are buying a home, you will have a lot of topics on your mind.  Title insurance probably is not one of the issues even on your radar. Title insurance is actually a two-part transaction.  The Tampa title attorney first searches local Tampa property records to ensure that there has not been any error, Read More

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What Can A Real Estate Attorney Do For Me?

Buying a Tampa home will be the most significant purchase you will make in your life.  It is a purchase that also involves the law of real property, which raises special issues of practice and problems that are not present in other transactions.  A Tampa real estate attorney is trained to deal with problems in Read More

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