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Tampa Real Estate Attorney Ready for Questions

Either the purchase or sale of a residence can be one of the most important, but confusing transactions any adult will make.  Recognizing the potential problem, Tampa Florida attorney Frank Charles Miranda issued a statement providing some clarity to the role of legal counsel in Tampa Bay real estate transactions. Miranda explained that the process Read More

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Tampa Attorney Frank Miranda Wins Liquor License Vote for The Outpost Tap House + Tavern

The team that envisioned The Outpost Tap House + Tavern as an authentic sports bar with a welcoming game day atmosphere had known that an extensive craft beer selection would not set the bar up as a game day destination.  The addition of a liquor license and a full bar could make the Tampa bar Read More

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New Personal Injury Topics Added to Site

Tampa personal injury attorney Frank Charles Miranda announced on Tuesday the launch of six additional topic areas associated with personal injury cases.  The information is currently hosted in the main body of the website for the law office, but will be expanded upon in upcoming articles covering several personal injury topics.  It was determined that Read More

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Can I Handle My Auto Accident Case?

Just because you are in an auto accident does not mean that you need a Tampa auto accident attorney.  If your accident involved only property damage on both sides, you may not need an attorney.  The same can be said for minor bumps and bruises that leave no permanent damage or disability, as long as Read More

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Tampa Dog Bite Injuries

There are millions of dog bites each year that require medical attention, some will even lead to death.  While most dog bites are not reported through the United States, and many do not require medical attention, the ones that do require professional medical care can be fatal. Common Dog Bite Injuries Include: Puncture wounds. Infection. Read More

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Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are involved in a higher percentage of physical injury accidents than any other motorized vehicle for a myriad of reasons.  Lack of protection exposes a rider to an increased risk of serious injury.  Inexperience, impaired driving and reckless driving are all also reasons that Tampa motorcycle accidents occur, but more motorcyclists are likely to Read More

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I Was in a Tampa Auto Accident!

Choosing the right lawyer for your Tampa auto accident case: It can be easy to find a lawyer.  The problem is that it can be hard to find the right lawyer for you and your Tampa auto accident case.  If you have a good case, one that will likely result in a win, there will Read More

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What Encompasses a Slip and Fall Injury?

“Slip and fall” is a general legal term used when describing an injury which occurs when a person slips, trips or falls due to dangerous conditions on another person’s property. According to a recent study, more than one million people slip and fall each year.  One-third of the total accidents cause debilitating injuries, and can Read More

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Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring the right Tampa personal injury attorney is crucial, and there are many questions that you may have on your mind and must ask before proceeding with your case. Luckily, with the right Tampa personal injury attorney, it can be possible to have your injury matter resolved as painlessly and as quickly as possible. Here Read More

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Hiring a Tampa Car Accident Attorney

If someone injured you through their negligence while driving a vehicle, then you have rights under the law. You need to make sure to protect those rights after a Tampa car accident, so you do not end up paying financially and personally for the negligence of another driver. Read on for the top five reasons Read More

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