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Out-of-State Businesses Relocating to Tampa Are Best Represented by a Local Legal Firm

Expanding a business or a corporate franchise previously situated outside of Florida into the booming Tampa area requires an experienced local agent and legal representative who can act on behalf of the business’s local interests.

Construction companies, insurance companies, and medical/pharmaceutical companies operating in multiple states are examples of businesses that can benefit from local representation, so that the required business startup documents can be correctly filed with Florida’s Department of State. After the business entity has been registered, a local attorney can then act as an agent or representative who is ready to quickly resolve legal issues as they occur. This allows business owners to remain in their home state and concentrate on growing their enterprise without the headache and disruption of traveling.

Sometimes, an out-of-state business with an expanded operation in Florida can be named as a defendant in a local lawsuit. This is another example of the benefit of a local attorney acting as the business’s legal representative. Instead of the business owner traveling to Florida in response to a court order, the local attorney can appear as the business’s acting agent or representative. The attorney can then work with the court in providing the case with what it needs without requiring an actual court appearance by the business owner.

Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. provides experienced representation for both local and out-of-state business entities. If you are planning on expanding your business into the Tampa Bay area or considering purchasing one here, call us at 813-254-2637 or contact us online.

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