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How a Tampa Real Estate Attorney Will Help

It is possible you have purchased and sold property without the help of a Tampa real estate attorney, and all has gone well so far. Even if you have been told you do not need one, you may want still want to hire a Tampa real estate attorney. The fees for routine representation are not out of this world and, if you are responsible for title insurance, a Tampa real estate attorney will usually include basic services as a part of his title and settlement fees.

A Tampa real estate attorney can do the following:

  1. Read the fine print for you. In most real estate transactions, the documents you receive are as thick as an old copy of the phone book. A Tampa real estate attorney will take the documents apart and review from front to back for inaccuracies. Too often buyers of homes in condominium and townhouse projects fail to read and understand the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions that cover their ownership interest. The Tampa real estate attorney can point out the vital elements of the CC&Rs.
  2. Verify that it is a legal transaction. A Tampa real estate attorney will understand if a property transaction is legal and will work.
  3. Review all title issues. If there is anything in the title report you do not understand, you can talk to a real estate to discuss your questions about the title. Problems with a title issue can be disastrous and the cost of defending your property can be substantial. It is better to stay ahead of any potential problems.
  4. Make you feel at ease. If you have considerable money at stake, you will want to protect your assets by involving a Tampa real estate attorney. A Tampa real estate attorney will watch out for your interests.

The purchase or sale of property without the help of a Tampa real estate attorney can be accomplished, but with so much on the line it pays to have someone in your corner. Call the office of Frank Charles Miranda, P.A. today at 813.254.2637 to discuss your real estate questions and concerns.

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