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Florida Ranks High for Aggressive Drivers

Auto accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including road conditions, drivers who are drunk or distracted, and bad weather. But aggressive driving in good conditions by a sober, focused driver can be equally dangerous. You know the type — those following too closely, weaving in and out of traffic, slamming on the brakes. Two Read More

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Yes, Your Commute Is Longer Than It Used to Be

If your Tampa commute seems endless, you may wonder if it’s actually getting worse or if you’re just tired of the same drive to work day in and day out. But if you have been making the same commute for the last few years, it may well be several minutes longer than when you started. Read More

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What Happened to My Tax Refund? Answers to Questions About Tax Law Changes

Spring is the time of warmer weather, beach vacations and, yes, taxes. Your 2018 tax filing is the first to be affected by the changes resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017. While the act lowers payroll taxes, it also lowers or eliminates certain deductions and credits, which may negatively affect Read More

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Why We Fight For You

Regardless of your age, profession or financial status, it can seem like the odds are stacked against you in a legal matter. These issues don’t occur in a vacuum and usually arise when you’re facing a significant challenge, such as an injury or real estate transaction. That’s why finding a lawyer who’ll fight for you Read More

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Hillsborough County Foreclosure Errors Could Ruin Your Credit

Without knowing it, a mistaken foreclosure report submitted to Hillsborough County or another county clerk can cause significant damage to your credit rating. A misclassified short sale or even a clerical error might prevent you from obtaining the home or car loan that you deserve. To reverse the damage caused by foreclosure mistakes in Hillsborough Read More

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Title Examinations and Insurance Should Not Be Overlooked

During real estate transactions, title issues are often mentioned briefly. With so many other concerns for buyers and sellers, ensuring clear ownership might be an afterthought, but failure to secure advice and insurance for these matters could threaten your transaction and the value of the parcel in question. With many out-of-state buyers and rapid growth Read More

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The Moments After a Car Crash Might Make or Break Your Case

Gathering evidence might not be the first thing on your mind if you’ve been in an auto accident, but if no one requires urgent medical care, it pays to start collecting information immediately. Obtaining the telephone number of a witness or taking a picture at the scene might be the difference between a favorable result Read More

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Finding Counsel When You’ve Been Hurt During a Florida Visit

As a vacation destination for people from around the world, Florida is filled with visitors who are traveling between destinations and enjoying what we have to offer. Unfortunately, auto accidents and other injuries are a natural consequence of this activity. When you’ve been injured while visiting Florida for a vacation or work, you need an Read More

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Florida Noncompete Agreement Law: Reasonable or “Truly Obnoxious”?

Restrictive covenants, often known as “noncompete agreements,” are more prevalent than ever due to increased employee mobility and the ease with which information can be transferred. However, workers and businesses often don’t understand the rules that control the enforceability of these documents. State law requires that restrictions be reasonable, but a New York court refused Read More

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Strong Legal Advice Is Crucial in Tampa’s Booming Real Estate Market

Residential and commercial developers are making huge investments in downtown Tampa, helping our area live up to its tremendous potential. With more than 60 active projects, competition for real estate, construction firms and associated services is heating up. In this active market, a mistake or missed opportunity can be costly, so it’s essential to retain Read More

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